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Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis

The rapid increase in global energy demand and serious environmental disasters have driven interest in developing renewable energy sources to replace traditional fossil fuels, which further promotes the innovation on green chemistry. Therefore, our group have been engaged in first principle calculations on photocatalysis, electrocatalysis and solar cells, with the following being the brief introduction.

In terms of photocatalysis, we investigated the microscopic mechanism of HER and OER in detail. We scrutinized the unique photocatalytic properties of rutile TiO2(110) and the role of photogenerated holes in photocatalytic surface reactions. In addition, CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite and its light-induced degradation were discussed.

When it comes to electrocatalysis, the surface-confined electrochemical behavior of single nanoparticles at interfaces was explored. We turned the local atomic structure to boost HER in acidic water. Such strategy was used to modify the metal-C3N4 interaction in CO2RR. Additionally, the importance of activated adsorbates was emphasized by DFT calculations in neutral OER.

Finally, dye-sensitized solar cells are promising choice for green energy conversion process. We have screened out the low-cost counter electrodes and investigated properties of cosensitized porphyrin system. With regard to the important I3 reduction reaction, we revealed its volcano curve and its facet-dependent catalytic activity of platinum nanocrystals. RuO2, heteroatom dopped graphene and InO2 possesses the outstanding catalytic reactivity in this reaction.


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